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Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club in Poole, Dorset is now using a 22 inch Touch Screen TV to display league and competition results, explains Brian Hobby, Club Secretary.

At Dolphin, we have 27 leagues in the winter and 10 leagues in the summer, as well as 19 club competitions in the winter. We had been thinking for some time of a way to reduce the amount of paper and space required to display the results each week for all the leagues and club competitions.

After getting feedback from the members saying how good it was that they were able to view the results on their iPads, iPhones, laptops and computers at home, we thought about a touch screen TV for the foyer area in the club.

At a meeting with Bespoke4business, the team behind Bowlr, we showed them what we would like to see on the TV and they said that it was doable. We then worked on the layout and made it as straightforward as possible, with the home page displaying just our logo and two options - leagues and competitions.

By pressing the League icon, this takes you to a page listing all of our league games, at which point you select which game you wish to view.  The actual view of the leagues is the same as you would see on a computer from the Bowlr system. For the competitions, these are all displayed once you select the option and you choose which competition you wish to look at before the draw is presented.

The screen is updated every 15 minutes, so members are able to look at the results before leaving the club if they wish. Our members have given nothing but positive feedback about the Touch Screen TV. If you’re thinking of having one at your club, it does require an internet connection. We would recommend doing this via Ethernet cable to speed up the internet to the TV, as we found that using it via WI-FI was a little slower.

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