The Bowlr Membership & League Management System for Indoor & Outdoor Bowls clubs

Bowlr makes managing your members easier than ever. Our membership management module lets you keep track of and update member information on the go, saving you time while minimising any unnecessary hassles. Streamline your operations, keep your data safe, and give your members the best experience possible - all from one easy-to-use platform.

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What’s Included in the Membership Module?


Member Contact Details

Fed up of trying to reach a club member, only to discover that their contact details are nowhere to be found? Bowlr makes your life easier by keeping all your members' details in one convenient place, so you can look up the following in seconds:

• Name
• Club ID
• Phone number
• Email address
• Home address
• Date of birth


Subscription Details

Bowlr makes it easy for you to access each member's subscription type and the date they joined, which helps you stay on top of upcoming membership fee payments and join anniversaries. There’s also an option to view a summary of all member data, including the total number of members, a breakdown of member ages, and how many members are in each group.


Financial Transactions

No need to keep mental tabs on who's paid and who hasn't. Bowlr keeps a record of all recent and past financial transactions, including the payment amount, date, method, and more. This avoids paid fees slipping through the cracks or missed payments going unnoticed. You can spend less time keeping track of membership and rink fees, and more time making your club the best it can be!


Locker, Keys, and Vehicle Registration Information

When you’re busy running your club, it’s easy to get bogged down by small details. Bowlr lets you gather all those easily forgotten locker numbers and keycodes into a single easy-to-find location, so you can quickly retrieve them whenever you need to. It also keeps tabs on who owns which vehicle, making it simple to protect your car park from any non-members sneaking in.


Letter Generation

Why waste time writing out letters when you can generate them with just a click? Bowlr gives you the ability to upload letter templates for sending renewal reminders, payment notices, or any other letter you may want to send out. These templates can be automatically customised with each member's contact information, freeing up valuable time for your admin team.

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