The All-in-One Bowls Club Management System

Keeping a close eye on your club’s financial performance should always be a priority. If you're not tracking things properly, it's easy for missed or late payments to slip through the cracks, causing headaches for your admin team and costing you money you could have spent improving your club.

Bowlr's Accounts module lets you put all that stress behind you. Forget juggling a dozen spreadsheets – our user-friendly system allows your admin team to quickly input details about individual rink takings, track your members’ transactions, and generate reports with ease. All the info you need is kept in one tidy, easy-to-access spot, so you can save valuable time and hassle when making sure your club’s transactions are as they should be.

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What’s Included in the Accounts Module?


Rink Takings Overview

With Bowlr’s Accounts module, your admin team quickly and easily input details about individual rink takings, which you can then review on a day-to-day basis. This gives you valuable insights into which rinks and times of day are most popular, so you can adapt your approach to running your club accordingly.


Transactions List

The Accounts module gives you a comprehensive summary of every member transaction made to your club, with insights into the amount paid, payment method, payment date, due date, and more.

The transaction list also comes with a variety of other useful features: you can add transactions in bulk to save time, filter the list based on specific parameters, and even export it to a file that you can open in Excel.


Report Generation

Once your admin team has entered all the necessary details, it only takes one click to generate a report summarising the takings for each season and the number of members involved. This lets you keep tabs on how well your club is doing in a particular season and compare it to ones from the past.


Invoice Generation

Save time on writing and sending out invoices with Bowlr’s easy-to-use invoice generator! Using the details present in a member’s profile, you can generate invoices for annual membership renewals, locker fees, and more. You can even bulk generate invoices for members with unpaid transactions, saving you even more time!

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