The Bowlr Membership & League Management System for Indoor & Outdoor Bowls clubs

 Powered by a cloud-based solution

A huge bonus of the Bowlr system is the booking and calendar module which will save clubs time and resources as it will allow members to go online to view rink availability. Once they know when they want to play, a simple click of the mouse or touch pad is all it takes. No more hanging on the phone waiting for the club official to search the spreadsheet or diary and members having to check their diaries to see if they are free!

Club administrators will find the online calendar very simple to use and bookings can easily be added in available slots. Once a booking has been accepted, only club officials will be able to delete it to minimise any disputes between members.

As well as being viewable on the club website, the calendar can also be displayed on reception or lounge TV screens so that members can view the day’s order of play.

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