The All-in-One Bowls Club Management System

Save hours of hassle with Bowlr’s booking and calendar module! With it, both your members and admin team can easily check rink availability online, reserve slots, and view your club's daily schedule on your on-site TVs. Not only does it streamline communication, but it makes club admin easier than ever!

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What’s Included in the Booking and Calendar Module?


Daily Calendar

Bowlr's online calendar system makes it easy to see when rinks are available. Members can check the timetable anytime, anywhere, so they don't have to call the club and wait for your admin team to look up the information. They also won’t have to check their own calendars to see if they're free. This saves time for members, reduces the risk of accidental double bookings, and opens up more of the day for your admin team to spend elsewhere.


Rink Booking System

With Bowlr, your members can book a specific rink for themselves and others in just a few taps. They can select a specific rink, duration, match type, and more. They can even schedule recurring bookings to save time down the line! Your admin team can also book slots in using the system - all the member has to do is ask.

Once a booking is confirmed, only club officials and the member who booked it have the power to delete it. This helps avoid any disagreements among your members.


TV Screen Viewability

Bowlr's TV system brings the daily calendar to your club's reception and lounge TV screens. The calendar’s clear and easy-to-read layout shows members which rinks are booked for when, so they don't have to chase your admin team to find out. You can also display your club logo, banner, and other information, improving the professionalism of your club while making it easy for your club members to stay up to date on the latest club news. You can even choose the duration of each slide!

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