The Bowlr Membership & League Management System for Indoor & Outdoor Bowls clubs

The Bowlr membership and league management system for bowls clubs

 Powered by a cloud-based solution

Bowlr, the membership and league management system for indoor and outdoor bowls clubs, offers far more functionality and features than any other system on the market. Bowlr has the benefit of being a cloud-based system, meaning your club staff and members can log on at any time, anywhere. Check out the other features and benefits in our comparison table.

League Manager Create and manage your leagues quickly and easily
Match Schedules See match schedules online or print out for notice board for members to view
Score Cards Runs sponsored leagues and upload sponsors logo on score card to increase revenue
Team Cards Different variations of team cards available
Knock-Out Competitions Generate competitions of 4+ teams. System allocates fixtures to diary and updates with winners name
League Tables Scores and results can be viewed on your club website in real-time
Reports Generate multitude of reports
Printing Templates Print out score cards with club logo, sponsor details etc
Instant Rink Side Scoring Members can input scores on rinkside iPads - directly entered into Bowlr
Missing Player Deduction System can configure percentage reduction for missing player
Online Rink Booking Members can book rinks online via secure area of website
Technology PC Windows Built on next gen cloud-based technology. Latest software innovations - browser diagnostic - Safari-Chrome-Firefox
User Support No weekend support Monday-Friday 9am-5pm helpline with weekends an option
Reliability Runs on local PC Bowlr has 99.999% up time - no issues with system crashes
Multi-User Ability Only 1 person per session Number of users can use Bowlr at any one time with differing access privileges
Rink Booking Diary Leagues automatically generated and written to the diary - add, delete, move
TV Screens Bowlr can talk to TV screens in club areas to show rink diaries and results etc
Accounts - Rink Takings See how profitable your rinks really are quickly and easily
Accounts - Transactions Add transactions to member records and keep track when due for renewal
Accounts - Invoicing Auto-generate invoices for members or groups and send via email
Letter Templates Set up generic templates for standard letters to members, no copying, retyping
Fees Set your own pricing for locker hire and membership types
Memberships Easily see different types of members you have in your club
Seasons - Playing and Subscriptions Easily set up seasons and allocate session times and duration
Search, Filter & Group Interrogate your data by setting up filters and groups of members
Distributed System Architecture Bowlr talks to iPad scoring module and website
Automated Emails Generate emails to members and League Secretary for online bookings/scoring

Why Choose Bowlr?


Cloud-based system
Log in from a PC or laptop anywhere


Manage member details
Contact details, fees, lockers etc.


Simple club management
No more diaries or spreadsheets


Dramatically reduce admin time
Steamline processes for all club staff


View rink diary and book online
No need to ring the club


Fast, easy management
Leagues & competitions simplified

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