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Club membership and management software case study – Essex County

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“We took the decision to purchase and implement the Bowlr system mainly for one reason above anything else – to increase rink usage of club leagues. It is fair to say by anyone’s standards that this had been a complete success.”
Ed Morris, Club Manager - read his full testimonial here.



Essex County Bowls Club signed up for Bowlr in 2017 in order to utilise the new membership and league management software. Implementing Bowlr for just over a year, the Westcliff-on-Sea club, which has six indoor and twelve outdoor rinks, noted a significant return on investment thanks to the system, which has helped streamline rink utilisation.

Essex County Bowls Club Building
Essex County Bowls Club Indoor Rink

The Bowlr solution

Our Bowlr development team visited Essex County Bowls Club for a familiarisation day and to capture their specific needs. Essex County Bowls Club run two leagues in parallel across six rinks with random rink allocation. The League Manager module of the Bowlr system was therefore customised to support this feature.

The biggest source of revenue at the bowls club was rink takings and Bowlr offered the ability to easily see rink under-utilisation, allowing the club to decide whether to run new leagues or stretch out existing leagues by a few more rounds.

Bowlr also supports the format of the club's handicap league score cards, and speeds up the production of their league handbook significantly. Originally, having to produce the handbook was time consuming and a burden on their administration team; Bowlr generates an exportable spreadsheet containing all the fixtures to make the creation of the handbook much easier and more time efficient.

Essex County Bowls Club Bowlr Website


The result

Just a year after beginning Bowlr, Essex County Bowls Club recorded a £19,500 increase in takings during 2018 in comparisson with 2017 thanks to better rink utilisation. It's safe to say the Bowlr has effectively paid for itself in just the one year alone, whilst slashing administration time and costs for our client.

The Bowlr system is powered by a cloud-based solution meaning there is no need for new equipment and it offers far greater flexibility for both club management and members than any other system on the market. Available in different modules, the system can be tailored to the individual requirements and budget of each bowls club.

For more information, pricing details or to organise a live demonstration, please contact Andy Torevell on +44 1202 684400 or email [email protected].

Why Choose Bowlr?


Cloud based system
Log in from PC or laptop anywhere


Manage member details
Contact details, fees, lockers etc


No more paper diaries
or spreadsheets for leagues & bookings


Dramatically reduce admin time
For all club staff


View rink diary & book online
No need to ring the club


Fast, easy management of leagues
& competitions

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