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Bowlr Club membership and management software case study – Adur Indoor Bowling Club

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Administration at Adur Indoor Bowling Club in West Sussex is now powered by Bowlr - the new Membership and League Management software for bowls clubs.

Following a demonstration of the software system at Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club in Poole and a meeting with the software development team at b4b, club officials took the unanimous decision to bring Bowlr on board to streamline club administration and management.

Whilst Adur had developed and used an in-house membership management system for many years, it was a stand-alone system running on a single PC and in need of replacing. They also ran a paper diary for managing all rink bookings and ran their leagues via an excel spreadsheet – both of which were very time consuming for club administrators.

“During a familiarisation day with Adur club management, we found that they ran more sessions than other clubs that we have engaged with – eight per day as opposed to a standard six. Our developers were able to enhance our set up and diary to support up to nine sessions” explained Anthony Tilley, Managing Director at b4b, creators of Bowlr.

Adur Indoor Bowling Club Bowlr Website

“Once the membership management module was in place, we helped them to import their membership data, which included all transactions and status i.e. paid or unpaid, and they wanted the functionality to be able to upload into Bowlr photos of all members. This was not a requirement previously requested by other bowling clubs but our developers were able to incorporate this into the initial build for Adur. They are now able to create reports based on membership type and age group.”

“The League Manager module also needed some tweaking according to how Adur ran their operations. We discovered that they have different scoring for win, draw and loss for certain type of leagues and also have different score reduction percentage values depending on the type of league - 25% as standard but their triple leagues have a 33% score reduction for missing players. One of their triples leagues – the Falmer League with a 4 to 1 scoring system - has a reduction of 1/6th of the team’s score for not having the appropriate number of players. We were able to configure the Bowlr system to take these differences into account. Adur is the only club we have come across so far that has this type of reduction concept.”

The reporting functionality of Bowlr will now allow Adur to generate regular reports for their monthly board meetings and a more comprehensive annual report to submit to the EIBA (England Indoor Bowling Association).

Adur also opted for the Bowlr Accounts Module as they wanted a central system that would mange payments and allocation for their ‘Club 300’ share scheme.

“As well as configuring the Bowlr system for their needs, we are also developing a brand new website for Adur, which will give members a dedicated area where they can log in and access the rink diary, as well as view league tables and results."

The implementation of Bowlr was a giant step forward in modernising operations at Adur Bowling Club for both club officials and members alike.

See what Bob Atkins from Adur says about working with Bowlr

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Why Choose Bowlr?


Cloud-based system
Log in from a PC or laptop anywhere


Manage member details
Contact details, fees, lockers etc.


Simple club management
No more diaries or spreadsheets


Dramatically reduce admin time
Steamline processes for all club staff


View rink diary and book online
No need to ring the club


Fast, easy management
Leagues & competitions simplified

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