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Bowlr helps bowls club increase rink usage - proof of ROI in one year

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Following the implementation of the Bowlr system at Essex County Bowls Club, the club saw a £19,500 increase in takings during 2018 thanks to better rink utilisation.

Essex County Bowling Club signed up for the Bowlr membership and league management module in 2017 and have found it a big success, especially in terms of rink utilisation and filling spaces in order to maximise revenue. Find out more about the system we put in place for Essex County Bowls Club in our case study. 

“We can safely say the system has already paid for itself within one year.” 

Essex County Bowls Club Manager, Ed Morris, confirmed that implementation of the Bowlr system, particularly the league management module, had been a massive help in streamlining administration and increasing takings - in fact, the Bowlr system had already paid for itself within the year, making it the perfect return on investment. Read on for what he had to say about Bowlr one year on:

“We took the decision to purchase and implement the Bowlr system mainly for one reason above anything else – to increase rink usage of club leagues. It is fair to say by anyone’s standards that this had been a complete success.”

“We raised rink fees in 2017, but if you discount the additional 20% generated from raising fees from £2.50 to £3.00, we have still taken £19,500 more in 2018 than in previous years before Bowlr. So we can safely say the system has already paid for itself within one year.”

“Before implementation, our league creation was left solely to one man, taking him many hours of effort each time. I’m sure he is now most grateful to skip this arduous task each year!”

“Scheduling of leagues is now very straightforward. It still takes a little time to make sure there is no human error in inputting them, but the total time spent to do this is a fraction of how it was before. We also have some leagues with different rules and Bowlr is capable of overcoming our oddities (which every bowls club has!) and scheduling games accordingly.”

“Our members have adapted to the system very well and the ability to book games online, look up league positions etc. is of great benefit to them.”

“We are excited to continue working with Bespoke 4 Business in further developing the Bowlr system and some of the forthcoming modules and improvements are of great interest to us – such as implementing an EPOS and membership card system within the club.”

-   Essex County Bowls Club Manager, Ed Morris

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