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Club membership and management software case study – Falcon IBC

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“We are very pleased with the bespoke service provided by Bowlr and their willingness to meet our particular requirements. Without hesitation, we recommend Bowlr to other Indoor Bowling Clubs.”
Ernie Brockman, on behalf of Falcon IBC



Falcon Bowling Club is an indoor and outdoor bowls club based in Chelmsford, Essex, and consists of eight indoor bowling rinks and two outdoor rinks. Founded in 1908, the club moved to its current location in 2002, where it hosts inter-club matches throughout the year.

Falcon Bowling Club Entrance
Falcon Bowling Club Inside


Compiling Falcon’s indoor fixtures was a time-consuming manual process using Excel, and outdated software services were being used to produce the club handbook, rink sheets, and printed scorecards. However, everyone involved at the club recognised that ongoing support was an issue that needed to be addressed – in short, a modern Bowls Club Management System was required.


Falcon IBC identified Bowlr as a possibile solution to their administration and support issues, and their faith in us was confirmed after attending a demonstration held by Bowlr at Bedford Bowls Club, which has already used our system and expressed satisfaction with the product. Our Bowlr team then visited Falcon to gather more detailed information regarding the club and their individual requirements.

We used Bowlr to provide all the additional features Falcon requested, overcoming all potential complications. For example, Falcon required a management system that would cover three multidivisional leagues spread over different days of the week and starting at different times, and we adjusted the Bowlr system accordingly.

The enhanced League Management Module allows them to run leagues easily over multiple days on the same week, and comes with an inbuilt algorithm to ensure fair rink allocation among all members, taking the burden off their shoulders. We also implemented an online booking system for members, in order to greatly reduce the number of phone calls coming in to administrators, freeing up their time to undertake other tasks.

As standard, Bowlr supports a day view of the Booking Diary, however, to meet Falcon’s requirements, we incorporated an additional Weekly Diary view which meant that they could quickly and easily display upcoming league fixtures. Falcon also wanted stewards to record which members played in each match to ensure compliance with club rules on appearances and substitutions and we again agreed to enhance the Bowlr programme to meet this requirement.

Falcon Bowling Club Building


Bowlr has totally revolutionised the way that Falcon Bowling & Social Club organises and records its league fixtures. The Weekly Diary view displays weekly fixtures in an easy to read format that can also be exported as PDF files. This has made creating their physical league handbook incredibly quick and easy. Bowlr has also considerably reduced the number of telephone calls into the office and increased the number of roll-ups booked.

To ensure that the entire system runs as smoothly as possible, the management of each individual league is allocated to a steward. This individual is responsible for entering scores via the Bowlr system and have restricted access to manage their specific leagues. Bowlr allows them to record which members played in each match to ensure compliance with club rules on appearances and substitutions – another Bowlr enhancement that we happily obliged.

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Cloud-based system
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Simple club management
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Dramatically reduce admin time
Steamline processes for all club staff


View rink diary and book online
No need to ring the club


Fast, easy management
Leagues & competitions simplified

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