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Meet the most recent Bowlr users to join our thriving community

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It has been another busy month in the world of Bowlr! With indoor clubs back in full swing and outdoor season fast approaching, it seems everyone is just as excited as we are to be bowling together again. 

As we look forward to afternoons competing in the sunshine (fingers crossed, this is the UK after all!), thankfully, there’s still time to get prepared for the upcoming season. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor club, the Bowlr system is here for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent clubs to start using Bowlr, in preparation to make this year the best one yet!   

Kingsthorpe Bowling Club 

With a long history reaching back to 1896 and an additional indoor club constructed in 1990, this well-established club is keen to continue its growth. Now possessing six indoor and six outdoor rinks, Kingsthorpe Bowling Club is open all year around with regular social events and competitions for players of all abilities to enjoy. 

Hove & Kingsway Bowling Club

Hove and Kingsway outdoor bowling green will soon be reopening for the new season in April 2022! Their clubhouse remains opens at weekends, and social events continue to keep the community strong. A perfect place for flexible bowlers, this club offers two-hour pay and play sessions for occasional players, as well as season tickets. 

Wellingborough Bowls Club 

Wellingborough Bowls Club began in 1895 and has flourished into a reputable private members club with an ‘A’ rated outdoor green open April-September, and an indoor green open all year round. The club is now over 500 members strong. In the early days, members had to be proposed and the ‘proposer’ was responsible for part of their yearly membership. This was said to guarantee the high moral and behavioural standards of the new member!

This club is an existing user of the Bowlr indoor system, and has now upgraded to include the outdoor system too. 

Hedge End Bowling Club

Hedge End Bowling Club was founded in 1991, possessing six outdoor rinks for use throughout the spring/summer season. However, they don’t shut their doors in the winter! The club also has two short mat indoor rinks, so players can continue to get their bowls fix, socialise with one another, and take part in various short mat leagues and competitions. 

Cults Bowling Club 

Established in 1887 and located in Aberdeen, Scotland, Cults is an outdoor club holding weekly men’s and women’s competitions between April and September. They have various opportunities available for people to get involved in the sport, with a range of bowling events for those looking to learn how the game, as well as for established players. 

Jersey Bowling Club

Jersey Bowling Club has been around for over 105 years, making it the oldest in the Channel Islands! Throughout the summer months, this outdoor club invites people of all ages to their hilltop site on the edge of St Helier, to enjoy the brilliant sport and incredible views.

Island Bohemian Bowls Club

Once known at The Old Codgers, the Island Boheniam Bowls Club changed its name in 1909 and celebrated what members regard as the official centenary in 2009. This outdoor club is open every day from May to mid-September, with evening events scheduled throughout the winter months to keep their members busy and connected. 

Moonfleet Bowling Club 

Moonfleet Indoor Bowls Club is a six rink club, established in the year 2000 and located in sunny Weymouth on the Dorset coast. It is open all year round, offering a range of memberships for all, including full memberships, junior members, and social memberships. Their upcoming events are shared regularly on their website and always appear to be a huge hit with everyone involved!

Dalgety Bay Bowling Club

Dalgety Bay Bowling Club was established in 1996 and relocated to its current location in 2005, welcoming a brand new clubhouse and full-sized green. This outdoor club has games for everyone throughout their playing season from April to October. They also have some fantastic mission statements that, frankly, we couldn’t agree with more:

 “To bring the game of bowls to a wider audience and show that it is not just an ‘old man's game!’”
 “To add to the amenity of our town by providing a facility for sport and friendship.”

What an incredible selection of clubs we get to meet at Bowlr – welcome to the community!

If you’re interested in finding out about how Bowlr can benefit your club, please get in touch on 01202 684400 or explore the system online.