The All-in-One Bowls Club Management System

Introducing the two new Bowlr modules

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The Bowlr membership and league management software has been built in modules, which can be bolted together to create a bespoke system for your indoor or outdoor bowls club.

We recently added two new modules, designed to limit unnecessary admin and cash handling while streamlining the player experience.

The Availability module

With the Availability module, bowls clubs can ask members about their availability for certain matches. This reduces the number of times members have to visit the club to confirm availability (helping clubs stay more COVID-friendly by limiting unnecessary visits), while keeping all responses in a centralised location.

Whoever manages the system will be able to produce a report detailing all available players for a particular match.  


  • Players can quickly and simply confirm availability from the comfort of their own home
  • More convenient experience for players and club officials
  • Helps clubs stay COVID-friendly by limiting unnecessary visits
  • Data is kept in one easy, centralised location
  • Easy reporting options

The Rink Fees module

The Rink Fees module gives members an online balance to pay for roll up games and leagues. This limits the amount of cash handling taking place at the club and, in turn, will help to reduce bank fees. The member’s balance will be deducted as soon as they book a rink for a roll up game. If they’re playing in a league, their balance won’t be deducted until results have been entered (this can be done by either the player or a club official). 


  • Limits cash handling
  • Reduces bank fees
  • Streamlines the player experience
  • Offers a quick, reliable and simple way to manage payments

Want to find out more about how Bowlr can benefit your bowls club?

If you would like to learn more about the Bowlr management system, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team today on 01202 684400.