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In the spotlight: Edward Morris, Office Manager at Essex County Bowls Club 

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Welcome back to our “In the Spotlight” series. This month, we’re interviewing Edward Morris, Office Manager at Essex County. Great to have you, Edward! 

How long have you held your position at Essex County?

I’ve been Office Manager for six years. 

When did you first become a member of the club?

I joined Essex County back in 2000. I was 12!

What’s your favourite part of being a member of the bowls community?

I’ve built myself a great group of friends, both at my club and all across the country.

Can you share some of the notable moments in your bowls career?

I’m lucky enough to have quite a few! I hold eight outdoor National titles, the pinnacle being the National Singles in 2019. I’m a very competitive people by nature, so it’s extremely fulfilling to be able to compete at that level. 

What got you interested in bowls in the first place?

It was actually my best friend at school that wanted to give bowls a go, following a visit to an assembly from the Club Cadet Master. I semi-reluctantly went along with him – he lasted just one year, whereas I lasted 22 and counting! 

I don’t know exactly what it was about the game that kept me interested, but in the early years I played more pool at the club than bowls. I just really enjoyed spending time at the club in general, and being with the other juniors. I only started taking bowls seriously in about 2006.

Tell us a bit about your background

Perhaps somewhat foolishly (and to my financial detriment!), I always made sure I had a job that fitted around playing a lot bowls. Before working at the club, my longest job was working in an employment agency. 

If you could have dinner with anyone (living or dead), who would it be?

Eminem. I’d make him Jamaican chicken curry with sweet potato. 

What are your other hobbies aside from bowls?

I love playing poker, and I’d love to go out to the World Series in Las Vegas one day. NFL is my favourite sport and I watch the Superbowl every year. 

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you choose?

That’s a tough one, but probably somewhere like Mauritius, Fiji, or Sri Lanka. 

Name one item  you couldn’t live without

I could if I absolutely had to, but I wouldn’t want to live without my PS4! 

Do you have any pets?

I used to keep all sorts of pets – fish, snakes, lizards, chameleons, you name it! I don’t have any pets currently however, two semi-feral children is plenty! 

What’s your hidden talent?

I’m not sure I have one. For some reason though, I’m very good at playing bowls with a devastating hangover… 

Share a surprising fact about yourself

When I was younger, I played chess for the England Junior side. Although, having not played much for years, I’m pretty certain 12-year-old me would beat me currently! 

If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?

If I won an obscene amount I think I’d give a lot of it away. I’d buy a new house, couple of dream cars, holidays – the usual! – and would also take a load of mates out to Vegas and play a full slate of poker tournaments at the World Series. I’d also attend the Superbowl.

You’re cooking a Sunday roast – what’s the one must-have on your dinner table?

Plenty of lovely thick gravy. 

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