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EPOS coming soon to Bowlr

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We have been asked by many clubs if Bowlr can be integrated to a 3rd party EPOS system. This would effectively allow members to use loyalty swipe cards when paying for bowling related transactions such as membership fees, lockers and rinks. Payment would be taken using the EPOS system and the transactions are forwarded to Bowlr Accounts Module where they are stored. This reduces handling of cash and would give the ability to top up the loyalty cards and potentially offer a loyalty scheme based on points accumulated by each member.

We have looked at a number of EPOS solutions but needed one that allowed Bowlr to interface with it remotely from the Cloud. B4B are partnering and integrating with Club Control to provide integrated EPOS and loyalty swipe cards and door entry systems. Club Control have delivered their solutions into over 2,500 clubs in the UK. This is an extremely exciting prospect and B4B are actively developing a solution.

Club Control is one of the largest providers of custom management products and software solutions to the social club sector in the UK. Their customer base is national and they have offices in London, Chester and Glasgow.  They also provide Door Entry Systems, CCTV and multimedia solutions.

An integrated BOWLR with EPOS solution will be available to clubs with the Bowlr Accounts Module very soon.

For further enquiries, please contact us on 01202 684400.