The All-in-One Bowls Club Management System

3 ways Bowlr makes managing your bowls club a breeze


Running a bowls club takes a lot more work than most people realise. Whether you're organising social events, booking in fixtures, or even just sending out the  monthly newsletter, there never seems to be an end to all the admin you need to take care of. Sometimes, this workload can end up taking away from the satisfaction you used to have managing your club.

With Bowlr, you can trim down that administrative load and rediscover the fun of being part of your club once again.

Bowlr is the leading league and membership management system designed specifically for bowls clubs. Built with the needs of both your admin team and members in mind, it streamlines your club's operations, freeing up your time while making your members' experience with your club better than ever.

Bowlr comes jam-packed with time-saving features, each organised into separate modules. You can get a better grasp of everything Bowlr has to offer by exploring our dedicated module pages, or you can check out a quick overview of some of its core features below!

1. View and book fixtures online

Bowlr's booking module gives your admin team and your members the ability to book matches with just a few clicks. Supremely easy to use, it makes it easier to track who's booked in for when, eliminates the risk of accidental double bookings, and even lets you set up recurring bookings to save time in the future.

All upcoming fixtures are clearly displayed on an easy-to-read online calendar, making it accessible for members whether they're at home or on the go. You also have the option to showcase your club's calendar on your TV(s), providing an alternative for members who prefer not to access it online.

2. Generate balanced leagues in seconds

Bowlr's league management module makes setting up and managing leagues a breeze, saving you from the long and tedious process. Just enter your team information and other essential details, click a few buttons, and let Bowlr generate leagues and fixtures in no time!

Our module features a fair rink algorithm, guaranteeing an even distribution of fixtures across all rinks. This not only frees up your admin staff's time, but also makes sure that players have a fun and fair league experience.

3. Keep track of member data

Bowlr's membership management module offers a user-friendly way to keep track of and update member information in one convenient place. You'll have your members' details right at your fingertips, including:

  • Club ID, phone number, address, and other basic details
  • Subscription type and joining date
  • All financial transactions, past and present
  • Locker, key, and vehicle registration numbers

What's more, our module allows you to upload letter templates for sending renewal reminders, payment notices, and more. These templates can be automatically tailored to include each member's contact information, making life easier for your admin team.

Take your club to new heights with Bowlr!

The points above offer just a glimpse of what Bowlr can do for your club. Depending on your club's specific needs, Bowlr can also give you the power to:

If you're ready to streamline your club's operations or just want to learn more about what we have to offer, book a free consultation with our team! We're happy to talk you through all the features Bowlr has to offer, so get in touch online or call us on 01202 684400 today.