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How to re-open your bowls club safely

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Official guidance from the English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA) has stated that in order for indoor bowls clubs to reopen safely after the lifting of the coronavirus shut down, they must have a number of safety measures in place, including:

  • Managing the number of players in the club at any one time 
  • Eliminating, or significantly reducing, the use of cash 

Bowlr is the UK’s leading membership and league management system for indoor and outdoor bowls clubs and can help you fulfil both of these crucial safety measures with our online booking and cash solution modules.

Our online booking system

EIBA has issued the following advice to all indoor bowls clubs in regard to social distancing: 

“Based on the advised number of people who are allowed to play Sport at one time the Club need to implement a pre booking system – no casual walk ups permitted.”

They recommend, among other methods, using an on-line booking system so your club can easily manage and control how many people are on the premises at all times. As a cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, Bowlr’s online booking module allows your members to book rinks from the comfort, and safety, of their own homes. This allows you to keep a strict eye on the number of people in your club, reduces the need for face to face contact and relieves you of lots of time-consuming admin. 

Eliminating cash from your bowls club

The English Indoor Bowling Association also states: 

“All rink fees should ideally be paid by debit / credit cards. If this facility is not available, then investigate how it can be implemented. This could assist payments in the future.”

Even before the covid-19 pandemic and the risks associated with handling cash, most bowls clubs wanted to reduce handling cash, or eliminate it altogether, because it causes a number of negative issues, such as:

  • Requiring volunteers or paid staff
  • Inefficient admin processes
  • Risk to person handling cash of covid-19 transmission 
  • Time spent depositing the cash
  • Some clubs incur bank fees

So, in response to the demand, the team at Bowlr developed a brand new additional module that is currently being trailled at Dolphin Indoor Bowls Club in Poole. This exciting module will allow members to pre-pay their fees by "topping-up" a balance in £10, £20 or £50 deposits. The balance is then debited when the player is recorded as having played in a league match, or if they are listed as a player on a roll-up match. The player's participation in league matches would be taken from the score input and automatically debit your club’s defined fee after the match. 

To learn more about Bowlr and how the innovative system will allow your club to re-open safely and help keep you, your staff and members safe, get in touch with our friendly team today by emailing Andy Torevell at [email protected] or calling 01202 684400