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Bowlr has taken over support for Horizon bowls software

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Bowlr is proud to announce that we have taken over the support of Horizon’s online Membership and League Management Software.

For clubs currently using Horizon, there will be no immediate changes to how support is arranged, and you can use the same contact information as before. Horizon will be working closely alongside Bowlr to ensure the transfer is as seamless as possible for all clubs.

Why is Bowlr taking over the support for Horizon’s bowls system?

Horizon has chosen to move in a different direction towards TV advertising, now under the name 247, and their bowls system has not been developed in several years. With no plans to develop the system further, Horizon made the decision that exporting their support to an independent, experienced bowls system provider was the next logical step.

Having seen our Bowlr League Management System in action, Horizon concluded that we were the prime choice, and reached out to offer us support rights. 

Bowlr’s Horizon support

As agreed, Bowlr will continue to provide support for clubs using Horizon until the expiration of their next renewal date. From that point onwards, there will be no more ongoing support for the Horizon bowls system or any updates to improve functionality or security.

If you are concerned about your bowls system becoming outdated, unable to meet your requirements, or vulnerable to a security breach, your club can consider migrating to Bowlr’s very own Membership and League Management System. 

Our system is constantly developing, and we improve user experience based on the feedback of our existing users. Bowlr offers modules for everything you could possibly need, including online booking, league management, membership management, score input capabilities, accounts and more. We also provide swift support for any bugs and issues.

To find out more about Bowlr and our Membership and League Management System for bowls clubs, feel free to get in touch on +44 1202 684400.