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The New Bowlr Forum

The Bowlr Forum is  a friendly, interactive place for discussion where members can ask for, and share their opinions, advice and experiences. 

It is a way to connect with fellow bowls club members across the UK and you will get a lot of great advice, but keep in mind that you should use your best judgement to evaluate information and advice from other members.

Topics for discussion are grouped by indoor and outdoor clubs, returning after Covid-19 and also product-related posts about using Bowlr.

Anyone can view the Bowlr forums, but to post a new topic or reply to a post, you'll need to create a free account

Getting Started Guide

First step. Creating your account:

How to join the Bowlr Forum

  1. Visit and click the link to register in the top-right hand side of the screen.
  2. You will be asked to set a username and register your email address and a password to access the forum. 
    • Your user name should be your real name, which along with your club name, will help to identify you as you.
      e.g. Joanne Smith would be JoanneSmith or JoSmith.
    • Please enter your club name in the box provided.
    • The second stage of registering is the CAPTCHA visual confirmation. Simply type the letters you see into the box to prove you are human.
  3. We will manually activate your profile following completed registration, usually within 24 hours.
  4. Guides for using the forum, making a post and replying to existing posts are all available to view in the support forum. 

Second step: Posting in the forum.

  1. Find a forum board that is relevant to what you would like to talk about. In the main forum there are three categories; Indoor, Outdoor and Returning after Covid-19.
  2. Click the button to add a post. Your username and club name are automatically attributed to your posts and replies to existing posts.
  3. Write as clearly as possible, explaining your point or question in sufficient detail for someone that might not know the background.
  4. Please only post once, take some time to find the right board for your topic.

Before you post, search the forum for your topic. It may have been posted and answered previously.

Why Choose Bowlr?


Cloud based system
Log in from PC or laptop anywhere


Manage member details
Contact details, fees, lockers etc


No more paper diaries
or spreadsheets for leagues & bookings


Dramatically reduce admin time
For all club staff


View rink diary & book online
No need to ring the club


Fast, easy management of leagues
& competitions

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