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Sussex County Bowling Association

We’re proud to work with indoor and outdoor bowls clubs, as well as the sport’s national bodies, Bowls England and the EIBA. Not only that, but we also work with county bowling associations, such as Sussex County Bowling Association.

Outdoor bowls club with the Sussex County Bowls logo
Outdoor bowls club

A win-win for everyone

With the system we developed for them, Sussex County Bowling Association can enter all of their upcoming competitions into the front end of the website. From there, players within the county can register to play.

The whole process on both sides is straightforward and streamlined, ensuring a hassle-free experience for everyone involved. 

The system allows Sussex County Bowling Association to split competitions into different sections (for example, men’s and women’s competitions) and then collate all the information about players at that level within the county.   

Once all the entries have been collated, Sussex County Bowling Association can lock the draw so no more people can enter. Then, they can create random draws which generate a fixtures grid. Players can go through the tournament and add results themselves on the website (the team at Sussex County Bowling Association can do this if they prefer). 

Winners will continue until they get to area final and, once that’s been played, a “final stage” competition will be created which pulls all the winners through from different areas into one final competition. 

The platform allows for easy, secure online payments through Stripe, so players can pay for their competition entries without stress. 

Sussex County Bowling Association competitions portal screenshot

Seamless functionality and a complete overview

The county association has complete control over the order and positions of the competitions, whether they wish to rank them in date order, level of importance, or something else.  

Within the competitions platform (which presents as a front-facing website), users are able to create pages, such as FAQs. This widens the scope for how the platform can be used, while improving usability for players. 

Results of competitions can be viewed in a range of different ways, and competitions grouped by type (singles, fours etc.).

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